Four Basic Tips For Writing a Dissertation Proposal

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Dissertation proposal is the first step to write your dissertation. It is a small but extremely significant part of your dissertation process. It is time consuming and requires hard work. First you should learn your college's dissertation proposal guidelines to make it impressive. While writing it you have to create an outline of your work which you are going to present in your dissertation.

The major parts of a dissertation proposal are Research Procedure, Introduction, Statement Of the Problems, Literature Review, Methodology and Bibliography.

Following are four basic tips which will guide you in writing your dissertation writing proposal:

1. Select A good Topic:

If you want to achieve good grade then you have to select a good topic in which you are interested. If you choose a topic which you are not aware of, you will get stuck. Choose specific topics because you can easily explain it rather than general topics. After selecting topic write impressive information to grab the attention of readers.

2. Write an Effective Introduction:

Introduction must be informative and instructive and discuss all points in detail but not so wordy. It should grab the attention of the readers and compel them to read more. You can take help from samples of dissertation and you can also contact your advisor.

3.Do Extensive Research:

The best approach to save time and work efficiently in order to complete your Dissertation proposal is to conduct your research first. You will need to consider researching two types of data. One is primary data and the other is secondary data. Researching primary data is time consuming because you need to obtain views about your research subject from people. In Secondary data you have to collect authentic data from resources.

4. Follow the appropriate style:

The writing style of each chapter is important and it should be clear. There are different writing styles such as APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Medical Language Association) and Harvard or Chicago writing style. Usually it is advisable to take help from your supervisor or go through college instruction for writing a dissertation because each college or university prefers different writing style.

If you follow these tips you can make a good dissertation proposal that will get you an instant approval and help you start your dissertation writing on time.

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