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Thesis dissertation is the longest taking assignment in a person’s life, this is why it s requires a well done research work to come up with something extra ordinary and interesting. It is good to remember that a thesis dissertation is not merely about writing a simple introduction, body and conclusion but rather it is more than that. It involves different stages of writing which are enlisted below with little description of each.

Abstract in thesis dissertation:

Abstract is generally not included in the word count of thesis dissertation and should not exceed from 300 to 400 words. It’s a short description of what a reader should expect in the coming paragraphs. Some part of it should describe what are your goals of the dissertations are while the rest of the abstract should suggest some future research work.

Introduction in thesis dissertation:

This should comprise of the ten percent of your dissertation, Introduce the topic f your dissertation in the beginning then highlight the major goals of your thesis writing and the points that will be discussed in the thesis and dissertation.

Literature review in thesis dissertation:

This should comprise of the 20% of your thesis and dissertation, you should keep in mind that a literature review is not the review of any book as it names suggests. Make sure you are using at least ten references in your thesis and some theories that will be discussed later on in the dissertation and the research question as well.

Method of investigation:

Here, you would be discussing the method of investigation which will be used in the later on dissertation, some of the method of investigations are:

1. Quantitative method of investigation
2. Qualitative method of investigation
3. Compare and contrast method of investigation.


Discussion segment can be divided into two parts, one is analysis of the work that has been researched and the final discussion, the overall discussion should constitute 30% of your whole thesis dissertation which should be incorporating statistical data, interviews, questionnaires etc


Wrap up your work here, this will also be divided into two segments, first; conclusion, second; recommendations for the future research. Provide a concise summary of what you have done in the dissertation.


Here, you would be documenting all the resources you have incorporated while writing the thesis and dissertation otherwise your work would be categorized under the heading of plagiarism.

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