What should you do to come up with a literature review one of its own kinds?

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Literature reviews require students to concentrate on their thesis or dissertation with full attention. Students should analyze their literature review papers carefully to grab information about the topic that they are being assigned for their dissertation. Literature review sets the platform for students to create a research proposal for their dissertation. The core purpose of a literature review is to provide readers up-to-date information about the topic.

Writing literature review is tricky since you have to convey your research ideas and knowledge about the topic to audience through a research report. A good literature review is the one that describe research objectives and problems to its audience with arguments. A hunger to hunt for new information and critical appraisal are the 2 basic skills that one requires to conduct an effective review on literature.

Before you begin to write literature reviews, you need to answer following questions:

1. What will the audience learn through my literature review?
2. Which kind of review should I go for?
3. To what extent my review is going to serve the audience?
4. How is my information seeking ability?
5. How should I perform my literary analysis?
6. Will my review serve its purpose to the audience?

Students should follow the steps listed below in sequence if they want to come up with an effective review of literature:

Step 1

Search Thoroughly: Your search should be thorough whether you are using journals, books or thesis papers. It would help you examine the literature effectively.

Step 2

Read, Read & Read: You should read about the topic continuously in order to accumulate sufficient information about your dissertation topic. Reading will also help you list down the important findings and references.
Step 3

Let’s Begin Writing: You should begin to write your literature review with the help from literature that you have found for the topic.

Step 4

Find Flaws: As the time pass by; then significant changes occur in literature, therefore you should check that literature that you have found is up to date or need modification. Seek out the flaws if any in your literature work.

Step 5

Do Modification: You should critically analyze your literature review papers and modify the flaws in there.

Step 6

Citing: Last but not least, you should write down the names of resources that you have utilized for your literature review.

In short, you just need to follow the preceding steps for writing literature review one of its kinds.

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