4 Ways To Write That Literature Review

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A literature review is a study of the original scholarship in a particular area of a field of work. It does not study the topic itself, rather the research that has been conducted on that topic. Here’s how to start to write a literature review in 4 ways. Choose one which will suit your way of working.

1. Write a bit every day. One or two sentences may also contribute to a lot of other questions answered further in your literature review example.  Organize your work into portions after you have written enough

2. Categorize works under review and write your analysis comparing the inner workings of each source. Draw a conclusion that relates to the source as being more valid and valuable arguments or positions.

3. On a piece of paper draw an outline of the main idea and how you will divide it into organized information. Write the problem area, its importance, and an overview of the relevant literature; write how the current study will advance knowledge in this area- all in 2 or 3 sentences to each topic.

4. Start with describing the researcher’s specific questions, purposes, or hypotheses which are usually stated in the last paragraph on the introduction and work backwards.

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