Basic Points To Consider Before Writing A Good Dissertation Introduction

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Dissertation introduction is the first chapter of dissertation that contains the major purposes of your investigation and the ways you want to achieve them. Dissertation introduction is the most significant part of your dissertation because it tells about the topic of your dissertation and provides a background of your research.

Mostly students find dissertation introduction as most intimidating part of dissertation writing because they write it for the first time. The first thing you need to keep in mind when writing a dissertation introduction chapter is the topic question and your thesis statement.

You must have good writing skills to create an effective dissertation introduction. You can get help from previous dissertation samples.

Following are the five basic points that will guide you in writing a good dissertation introduction:

1. It should present the purposes of your investigation.
2. It should not be too lengthy or too small.
3. It should be clear and understandable.
4. It should give importance of investigation of the chosen topic
5. It should be in correct format

Mostly experienced dissertation writers suggest that dissertation introduction must be written after completing dissertation because whole dissertation will be completed so you can write your dissertation introduction easily. But some dissertation writers say that dissertation introduction should be written before actual dissertation because it tells the readers what the paper is all about.

If you write your dissertation introduction according to above mentioned points so you can write an effective dissertation introduction and will be able to get a good grade.
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